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Should your SEO plan include Link building ? I say yes. Google views links that refer to your URL as a vote of your sites importance. Look at it like a popularity contest. A vote or link, linking back to your website, from a popular blog or website that is relevant to your websites content, is seen as a strong vote of popularity vs a vote or link from a random site. That is not relevant to your websites content. For more information on link building check out our SEO page.

I just finished working with a client who is trying to optimize for a competitive keyword. All of my clients competitors that show up on the first page of the given google search have good on page optimization. After looking further into to the link structure, I found something interesting. All these competitors have a lot of Backlinks linking to there site. For instance the website ranking first has over 12,000 backlinks. The other sites that rank higher then my client have quite a few back links, but none that exceed the first place competitor with 12,000. The interesting part, is that I have only acquired 6 High Pagerank links to my clients site. The competitor just above them in the given Google search have over 500. So while Links are still very important to your ranking for a given search the lesson here is quality of links over quantity. My Six high PR links have almost as much or more weight as do the competitor who has 500.  Based on this I am standing behind the belief that link building is necessary to a solid SEO strategy.  Make sure to build links properly and safely. Here are some videos that I think are a great resource.

Please feel free to email or Call us with any questions about link building and its importance to your SEO strategy.

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