As a local SEO marketing company in AZ, we want to take a minute and shed some light on this topic.

SEO is search engine optimization.  This means taking steps to make your site viable to search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo.)  Have you ever sat down at your computer looking for answers?  Lets say you are looking for a local pest control company.  So you hop online to your favorite search engine.  You type something like “good local pest control company” then hit enter.  You get pages and pages of search results.

Search Engine Optimization is making your site search friendly.  Sounds easy?  Lets take a minute and discuses some of the things that go into making your site search engine friendly.

On Page Optimization

Google is a big computer that crawls the Internet.  When the big fancy Google computer gets to your site how does it know what your site is all about ?  We don’t read web sites like computers do.  Computers read the code while we read or see pictures, videos, and animations.  Here is what Google or any computer for that matter sees when they come to a web page with a YouTube video.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”345″

Lets say, you made a really cool video about your business as a Dog Trainer.  Then you load it onto your site. Your are good to go, right ? Oops, looks like the big fancy Google computer got to you site and all she saw was a embedded YouTube Video.  Tuning your site so Google and other search engines can find your pages is on Page Optimization.

Key Word Research

Knowing what people are searching for within your business is key to optimizing your online presence.  There are ways of researching what people are searching for.  Are people searching for your dog training business ?  Yes, they are but we need to know exactly how they are searching for dog training.  Knowing what phrases and terms people are using is important.  If you are not tuning your SEO into the keywords or phrases Google will not know to return your site to those key search terms.  Remember, Google is just a computer and you have to tell it what you and your site is all about.  If your site is not optimized around those keywords and search terms then the people searching will never find you.

Keyword Research is very important to any online presence.  In fact, you could say it is key.

Link Building

Besides being a computer Google is also a business.  Their business is built around being the best at providing their customers the most relevant and creditable search results.  One way this is done is by their version of a popularity contest.  Say you have two dog training websites.  For the most part they are both optimized on par with each other.  One website was featured in an online magazine while the other one was not.  The one featured in the magazine wins the popularity contest.  Winning the Google popularity contest (link building) in a vital part of any online campaign.

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