Marketing is incredibly important, especially for start-ups, in order to establish themselves on the market and prevail against competitors. Effectively implementing a new modern idea, holding one's own against the competition and inspiring others with this idea is very difficult, especially for small companies. It is therefore all the more important for small business owners to get to grips with their target group, what their customers want and what they expect from the product. And this only works with the right marketing strategies. However, especially at the beginning, some costs come up for a startup and company, which can quickly pile up to a big mountain. Therefore, it is important to cut costs in the right places and invest money in a targeted manner. When it comes to marketing, it is also possible to achieve a lot with little money in one place or another.

The right message for the right target group

The idea for a business already exists, but what happens next? Unfortunately, a start-up is rarely blessed with large subsidies, and often has to be paid for out of pocket or with a loan. Nevertheless, a business needs to become as well known as possible despite having little budget. To make this work, start-ups have the option of some low-budget marketing measures to still make a big impact.

All marketing strategies are only successful if they appeal to and inspire the right target group. The task is therefore to define a target group right at the beginning. In order to find out which wishes, needs and expectations this target group brings along, a target group analysis is suitable. This can be done online or face-to-face. Suitable marketing measures can then be selected at low cost to pick up the target group. Start-ups should also create so-called landing pages. These provide information about the start-ups themselves as well as about the products and services. Very good and effective pages can already be created for little money. Therefore, it is advisable for start-ups to create landing pages as early as possible.

Note: The more concretely and narrowly the target group is defined, the better it is. This also applies to products or services that are suitable for a wide range. However, startups that have only a small budget should focus only on a selected customer segment to save money. The target group can be enlarged or expanded later.

Finding suitable niches

Start-ups also have to reckon with a great deal of competition. This makes a market analysis all the more important. Founders must find out how many competitors exist, what the strengths and weaknesses of their own business idea are, and what impact the business will have on the market and competition. Every business person should know his competitors in order to be able to react to changes and competition. Therefore, it is all the more important to highlight one's own business model in a certain way. This is done, among other things, by pointing out the advantages over other products or by making clear the added value. It is particularly useful when a business idea closes a niche in the market. In some cases, an extra service, a specific recipe or free shipping is already enough to make a product seem more attractive.

Simple and effective

When there is little budget available, it is important to achieve as much as possible with simplicity. A product must be presented to the target group as simply as possible. Since a start-up does not have large financial resources for a comprehensive business model, it must be kept as simple as possible. Ideas can be spread well with little effort and budget. The following options are particularly effective on a small budget:

  • Word of mouth and referral marketing
  • Promotional items such as pens or notepads
  • Telephone marketing and newsletters
  • Business cards
  • Booths at trade fairs or events

How to start a subscription box business.

A subscription is fundamentally a contract. In order to be profitable, a subscription business enters into an agreement with the customer, agreeing to provide requested products or services on a lasting schedule in return for agreed-upon payments. In return, the customer agrees to make payments on a regular schedule. This offers a regular revenue stream. Nevertheless, the whole process is considerably easier with an all-in-one subscription-first platform like Subbly.They will be able to answer all questions regarding how to start a subscription box business.


A business idea is quickly found, but how can it now be effectively brought to the man? The key word is marketing and effective marketing strategies. However, in most cases start-ups only have a small budget, as subsidies are rarely awarded. It is therefore all the more important to cut costs at the appropriate point and still effectively reach the target group. Start-ups should definitely begin with a target group and market analysis. In this way, entrepreneurs learn more about the wishes and needs of potential customers and also get to know the competition and their intentions. Suitable marketing measures can then be selected and implemented.